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Jenny Mosley

Parents and carers, just a little reminder that Jenny Mosley will be coming to visit us as part of our Shared Education Programme.

Please come and show your support for this world renowned speaker.

Date - Tuesday 14th November

Time -  7.30p.m.

Venue - Fermanagh House

Focus - Well Being (parents).




Sincere thanks to everyone who came along to hear Jenny Mosley speak.  We enjoyed a truly inspirational evening.

If you wish to find out more information please visit Jenny's website - www.circle-time.co.uk




Big news!

We are having our first Big Bedtime Read!

When - Friday 6th October 2017

Where - Nursery School

Who - Dad or Reading Buddy and your child

What time - 6.30 p.m.

Early days

Don't worry if my photograph isn't here yet as I may be a little shy.  Keep watching!




Look who popped into Nursery!




Enjoying our Ball Skills outdoors.

Ask me all about it.

Learning through play outdoors

Ask me all about it!

We went on a Circle Hunt.

Ask me all about it.






Enjoying a well earned rest!

Sincere thanks to all who helped with weeding, tidying up and purchasing plants for our outdoor area.




Our colour this month is...Orange.

We made orange play dough.




Big Bedtime Read.

A sincere thank you to all our super Dad's and Reading Buddies who enjoyed the launch of our 'Big Bedtime Read'.  We hope you enjoy reading your books.

Please return books to Nursery by Monday 23rd October.




We went on an Autumn walk. 

We saw lots of trees.  The leaves are beginning to fall down.  We made our own Autumn tree.  Ask me all about it.





We are really enjoying our Ball Skills.

Ask me all about it.




Orange Day at Nursery.

We had a very yummy orange snack - thank you Oscar and Nathan.




Hallowe'en Fun

Oscar baked a special cake.  It was yummy!

Thank you for all the treats...yum, yum!

We hope you all have a happy and safe Hallowe'en holiday.

Ask me all about it.




Our November topic is...Homes.

We have been really building homes.

Ask me all about it.




Laura brought her 'Music Box'.

We had great fun and played lots of instruments.

Ask me all about it.




The Library bus called to Nursery.

Derek and Margaret allowed us to borrow some books.

Ask me all about it.




Brown Day at Nursery.

Oscar baked us Brown Bear biscuits...they were soooo yummy!

Thank you Oscar.

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