Welcome to P6!

Autumn Term

Our Topic this Term is: Materials


We will be learning about different types of materials, including the differences between man-made and natural materials. We will also be taking part in some experiments this term so watch this space...

Everybody is somebody...

...and we fit right together.

Our Novel: Stitch Head

Our Iron Men...

Clay Hedgehogs

The class have enjoyed making their clay hedgehogs this afternoon. Next stage... painting!

Reversible and Irreversible Changes

Both P6 classes took part in a live experiment to see examples of reversible and irreversible changes. We mixed salt and water, flour and water and bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.

Quadrilaterals Recall...

Today the pupils were challenged with working as a team to remember as much as possible about 6 quadrilaterals. They worked well to write down all of the information accurately.

Terrific Tables!

Over two days, both P6 classes were competing to see who could answer as many times tables questions as possible. Look how many they answered!! Nearly 40,000.

A huge congratulations to P6MC! Here is to the next battle...

Adverbs Detectives

This week we have been learning about adverbs. We were challenged with finding as many adverbs as possible in the passage. Look how many we found.

Question is, do all adverbs end in 'ly'?

Matching Fractions

Today we started to learn about fractions so to begin with we started by matching fractions to their pictorial representations. It's a great start to fractions!

Erne Integrated College Visit

Today P6 were lucky to spend the whole day at the Integrated College experiencing some of the lessons available there. They made cookies in Home Economic, a pen/pencil holder in Technology and they had a P.E. lesson in the brand new sports hall. They had a great day. Thank you to all the staff and pupil helpers!

Times Tables Rockstars

Do not forget to keep using Times Tables Rockstars (TTRS) at home to build up your speed and accuracy. Complete 10 sessions on the 'Studio' section and it will show me and you how quick you are.

Meet P6NON!

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