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Our Topic is

In the Jungle



Great Ted Talk on Creativity in Schools

We had a blast at the Beach

We have been enjoying the good weather...

We went to the Round O and the Brook veterinary Clinic

We were inspired to make pizza after reading Pip's Pizza

We decided to make sweetza instead!

We had a go at making Easter Nests

Today we had the pleasure of Aidan 'Wylie' McCarron reading us a story. Thanks Aidan we really enjoyed it.

We had so much fun at the Museum with our friends from 2MM



Snow day 17.01.18

The greatest gifts we can give are kind words

Christmas in 2JJ 




Snow day 08.12.17



Meet Comet Canycane O'Christmastree

the Cheeky Christmas Kitty




Here is the Relax Kids Advent Calendar! Have a go...spread some Christmas Magic



Maths Investigations








Happy Halloween




Here is the Seasons Song

During Structured Play we are:




During Outdoor Play we are:




We drew our Self Portraits 

Here we are...2JJ

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