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Our Topic is

In the Jungle



Great Ted Talk on Creativity in Schools

Here is our 'End of Year' video...enjoy!

Our Trip to the Round O Park and the Vets



We have been drawing treasure maps as part of Our 'On the Move' Topic

Today we went on a real treasure hunt

Contractor Conor's sky scraper is complete!

Sarah from Zoolab came to visit...

Our Trip to Enniskillen Castle with 2MM


Niamh wrote a song...



Outdoor Play


Green Day 03.03.17

World Book Day Selfies

Pancake Tuesday 28.02.17


Here are some houses we created on the computer



Christmas Compliments

The best gift we can give is love

Meet Comet Candycane O'Christmastree

The Cheeky Christmas Kitty

As part of anti-bullying week we gave ourselves superhero names using positive words

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Puppet Show

Haaaaaaaapy Halloween

Halloween Pumpkins

Check out our colour wall

Click on the image below to watch the seasons song

During Structured Play we are:




We drew our Self Portraits




Here we are...2JJ

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