Welcome to the Class of 2018-19

Come and Meet our Marvellous Iron Men!!

STEM - Lego Programming

Anti-Bullying Week

STEM - 3D Snowflakes

Our Trip to City Hall, Belfast and            The Opera House to see 

Jack and the Beanstalk.

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Origami Lesson- Pupil lead- Thank you, CS

Halloween Fun

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Mental Maths Fun with the 101 Game.


PE, HE, Technology Activities


Erne Integrated College

I wrote to my hero and he answered !!!

Meet our Cute Hedgehogs 

Some of our Autumn Term Displays 

FLive - our three art winners (The Selfish Giant) had an afternoon out on The Little Red Boats

Our Anti-Bullying Call


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Tessellating Shapes

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World Book Day 2015

(An observation)

by Mrs O'Shea.


Here they come

With boxes on heads

Parents up since all hours

Face paints, needles, threads

Frilly umbrellas, back combed hair

Some strut like peacocks

Others stand and stare

Delicate little princess

Floats delicately by

A moody, stroppy meanie

Throws eyes towards the sky

Green painted faces

Little fur coats

Golden sprayed hair locks

Wizards in cloaks

Tiggers in onesies

Soldiers in suits

Pointed black stilettos

Chunky army boots

Skeletons and moonbeams

Little crocodiles

Fairy faced ballerinas

Charlie choc smiles

Alice in wonderland

Cats in hats

Cuddly little dalmations

Face painted cats

Numerous lost wallys

Brave hearts in kilts

Little beast quest dudes

Cowboys on stilts

Some shy away though

That's absolutely fine

We are who we are

And that's why we shine!