Our new topic is People Who Help Us.

Have a look and see some of the things we have been doing during play. More pictures to follow.........

Congratulations to Oliver and Ellie for achieving a very special Principal's Award today in assembly. Well done!


Have a super break everyone and remember to stay safe! We will see you all back at school

Monday 6th November!

Our new topic is

All About Me!

We went to Enniskillen Library today.

We listened to some stories and we got to look at and read some other books too.

We also saw the Police helicopter coming in to land at the police station.

Have a look and see us.

The Fire Brigade visited Year 5 in school today. Mrs Kerr arranged a special treat for us too. We got to see inside the fire engine, try on the helmets and then we got to hear the loud sirens!! It was so much fun!

We have been working hard learning how to say and write some initial sounds. We had a little treat on Friday, for our snack we had some foods beginning with some of the sounds we have been learning.

We have learnt how to say, read and write sounds

m,a,s,d and t

We had a visitor to our class today!

Lee brought in a ladybird to show us and he brought in a really interesting book too! Why don't you ask me what I learnt about ladybirds today!

Meet our class!

Year 1 LG

We had great fun today at our Halloween disco!

Benny Bear was in our class today. He came to visit us from the Model Primary School.

Meet our class, Year 1 LG!

We have been having lots of fun in Year 1.

We have been playing in our classroom, outside and having our snack.

Have a look and see!

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