Meet our class

We are enjoying the story of....


Look at us on our first day.

We had a wonderful day out on Devenish island.

We climbed the tower of the abbey.

Watering the plants and vegetables.

Look at the big cabbage.

Sports Day action in P.1.

We had a super trip to Tickety-moo.

We saw 2 little  jersey calves, 5 piglets and lots of cows.

The best part was eating our ice-cream.

In and out of the dusty bluebells.

Our new topic is ...

 Food Glorious Food!

Enjoying snack outside.

"Its a perfect day for a picnic,"

said Cora. 


Lots of learning going on outside.

Ask me all about it.

The Easter Bunny came today.

She brought lots of goodies for us.

We had a great bounce today.

Thank you for all the sponsor money.

Zoolab came to visit today.

We saw lots of interesting creatures.

We met, Shirley the snail, Rose the tarantula, Ziggy the snake, George the cockroach and Ozzy and Oscar the rats.

Ask me all about them.

How many eyes does the tarantula have?

What does the snake use its tongue for?

What does the rat use its tail for?

We had a fabulous trip to Florencecourt.

Ask me all about it.

We went for a spring walk.

We saw the water wheel.

We found lots of living things.

Having fun and doing lots of learning outside.

Green Day in P.1.

Thank you to Ronan's Dad who helped us in the garden.

Thank you also to Lana's Mum who sent in lovely green scones.

We all dressed up for World Book Day.

Look at us.


Sarah's Mummy came in to read us a story.

Thank you! 

We enjoyed The Gruffalo story and made masks to do The Gruffalo Dance.

We got 2 goldfish.

 We call them Bill and Ben.

Look what we can do at P.E.

Water, water everywhere,

Water all around.

Look who came to visit!

He sang Jingle bells and he gave presents to the class.

 Thank you Santa.

Festive Friday in P.1.

Thank you for your donations.

Well done to the stars of Lights, Camel, Action.

They worked so hard and did so well.

We had a super trip to Chanterhill Post office.

We met post-man Darragh and posted letters to Santa.

We had lots of treats and we even met Santa!

A big THANK-YOU to all in Mc Brides Spar Chanterhill.

Ditch the Dark! Be safe, be SEEN!

Our new topic is....

People who help us.

Do you recognise these people who help us?

Look at us all ready for the Hallowe'en Disco.

Look at us on our visit to the library.

We enjoyed stories and looked at books.

Our first topic is ...... 

All About Me

Ask me all about it.

Our Autumn Walk

Look at us in the willow house.

Looking for insects under the logs.

Show me number....

All ready for P.E.

We had good fun.

We are learning everyday through work and play.

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