Meet our new Year 3 class

Hello everyone in Year 3!
Mrs O’Donnell and Mrs Murphy miss you all so much. We miss your beautiful, happy smiling faces and hearing all your lovely little stories. 

We hope you are all well and keeping safe and we look forward to seeing you all very soon xx

World Book Day  - Thursday 5th March 2020

Look at our wonderful costumes!

On World Book Day we read a story called Mama Panye's Pancakes. It is a story about a family in Kenya making pancakes. We cut pancakes in half and shared  them with our partners. We also made massai necklaces which is traditional jewellery worn in Kenya.

To finish off our topic 'Sounds Around Us' we went on a musical march around the school while banging, shaking, plucking, blowing and banging our musical instruments.

We made beautiful music!

We used junk art to make musical instruments!

Pancake Tuesday - Yum Yum!

Our Road Safety Walk!

Yummy Buns at the NSPCC Bun sale!

Happy Valentine's Day ...Enjoy the midterm break!

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Ditch the Dark Day

James' daddy sent in lots of safety accessories -

Be Safe Be Seen!!

Having so much fun outside with the parachute

Number Games

As part of our food topic and Health Education, Simon Harron brought a selection of fruits from Asda to make delicious smoothies with our Year 3 classes. We tasted some new fruits - papaya, persimmon, pomegranate and passion fruit.

Thank you so much Simon!

Wishing everyone in Year 3 A Very Happy Christmas from Mrs O'Donnell and Mrs Murphy. 

Hope Santa comes!!

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2020 and hearing all the news!

Lots of Christmas Fun in Year 3!

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We created our own Fruity Faces...... just like artist Guiseppi Arcimboldo!

We were given a challenge to make a 3d cube shape using spaghetti and small marshmallows. We worked out how many spaghetti sticks and marshmallows we needed. We were pleased with our results.  

We used mirrors to look at our taste buds on our tongues. We tasted foods that were sweet, salty, bitter and sour!

Having so much fun in Activity Based Learning with our new topic 'FOOD'

P3 harvested some cooking apples from our school orchard and we followed a recipe to make an apple cake. 

We really enjoyed tasting our delicious treat!


We had a fantastic morning in Florencecourt. The weather was lovely.

We played lots of nature games. We talked about our favourite part of nature, we looked for parts of a plant.

We played listening games, a pollinator game and we went on a Nature Trail.  

Happy Halloween to all in Year 3 -Stay Safe!!

We had so much fun at our Halloween disco.

We look amazing in our costumes!

Halloween Party and Golden Time.....We are so lucky!!!

As part of our Topic 'Me and My school' we created collages about ourselves.

This was part of our homework in September.

We really enjoyed doing this work and had lots of fun looking at our friends work too.

We are very clever in Year 3!

Today in Year 3 we were making circuits. We took turns to make a bulb light using a bulb, 2 wires and a battery pack. We needed to connect everything together to make our bulb light up.

Having fun at Activity Based Learning!

Look at us during Activity Based Learning. Ask me what I was learning.

We are investigating eye colour in Year 3. We made a Pictogram and identified that blue is the most popular colour in Year 3.

In Numeracy, we worked in partner pairs to draw around and measure our feet. We used paper clips and unifix to measure the length.

Our topic:

Me and My School

Our first day in Year 3!

Double click the Accelerated Maths icon below to start your maths practice at home.

Start by clicking on I am a student. Enter your username and password.

Click on the green icon Accelerated Maths.

Beside group click on the drop down menu and select your group.

Click 'Start' under the Practice section.

Good luck and any problems please ask the class teacher.



We watched this video for Safer Internet Day and found out some very important messages.

Click the video below to watch.

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Can you find the missing numbers on the 100 square?




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Can you find the hidden bones on the 100 square? Click on the link below to try to beat the timer!

Year 3 are using numberlines to add and subtract.

Click on the link below for a fun number game.


Money, money, money!

 Identify the coins and pay for the items in the shop.

Click on the link below.

Click on the link below to practise your shapes

Help your child to order these numbers from smallest to largest and see what prize is inside the safe. Click on the link below.

We have been exploring this website and have found it very useful. Please explore this website with your child you will have lots of fun.

Help your child to order these numbers from smallest to largest and see what prize is inside the safe. Click on the link below.

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