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Our Nursery Classes






How every child can thrive by five (Molly Wright / Ted and Minderoo Foundation).


Please take a few minutes to listen to this inspirational little girl.





Throughout December we are learning about...Christmas and Polar Lands.



We participated in...

The Daily Mile Santa Run.





Thank you to all our wonderful children and their parents who popped into Nursey to plant their daffodil bulbs today.

We hope you will look after them and that they will bloom in Spring.




Our topic for November is...

Home Sweet Home

We have enjoyed a story about Owl Babies.

We made our own Owl Babies.

Did you know that Owls come out when we are sleeping.

Ask me all about it.




The Owl Babies 

Enjoy this beautiful story together.




The Three Bears

We discovered that Goldilocks and The Three  Bears really enjoyed eating porridge.

We made some porridge for our snack.

It was yummy!

Ask me all about it.




Forest School

We have been busy learning outdoors in our Forest School.

We made leaf bracelets and we sorted a variety of leaves by size.

We found small, middle sized and big leaves.

Ask me all about it.




Ball Skills

We are learning lots of new skills and keeping fit through our Ball Skills sessions.

Look how fast we can run!

Ask me all about it.




Orange Day

We had a little party to celebrate Orange Day.

Don't we look cute!

Thank you for your donations to N.I. Chest, Heart and Stroke.




Rhyme Time

We have been learning nursery rhymes.

Did you know that Incy Wincy Spider climbed up the water spout!

We made spiders.

Ask me all about it.




Hallowe'en Sensory Fun!




Our Big Bedtime Read.

Thank you to all our fabulous Daddies and Reading Buddies who came along to our Big Bedtime Read Evenings.

We hope you enjoy reading your books.








Our topic throughout October is...    All About Me.

We have been looking at our faces using a mirror and look what we discovered!

We have skin, eyes, a nose, a mouth, hair and some of us wear glasses.

Ask me all about it.





We discovered another way to create our faces. 

We used our sensory resources.

We worked in groups with our new friends.

Ask me all about it.




Playdough Faces





Circle Time

We discovered something very precious inside the basket during our Circle Time.

I saw myself in the mirror and discovered...

It was me!!!

Ask me all about it.


Early Days


If my photo is not here it is because I was feeling a little shy.




Back To School Disco

We had great fun.

Don't we look super cute!




Golden Rules

We are learning all about our Golden Rules.

Ask me all about them.




The Daily Mile

Ready, Steady, Go...

Ask me all about it.




Forest School

We have been exploring our Forest School and learning outdoors.

Ask me all about it.

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