Our Nursery Classes





Goodbye Nursery.

We will miss you all.



Sing along to our Goodbye Song



Making Our Own Kind Of Music...

We have been making musical instruments.

We are learning to keep a steady beat and discovering the difference between loud and soft sounds.

We love to sing out loud!

Please join us at home and sing along to this song.

Remember...sing out loud and have fun!




Port Side Pirates!

We have made our own Pirate Ship.

It was hard work!

Please follow the link to listen to our pirate song - we hope you enjoy it.






The Rainbow Fish

We have been busy making our own Rainbow Fish.

We really enjoyed listening to the story.

Ask me all about it.

If you would like to listen to it again please follow the link.




Look at our vegetables!


We have been getting them ready to bring home.

We still have some cabbage, tomatoes

and strawberries to bring home. 

We hope you enjoy them!


Our Teddy's Bears Picnic

We brought our teddies to nursery today.

We enjoyed eating outdoors.

Ask me all about it.




Morning Session Sports Day

We had fun!

Thank you Mr Mc Cluskey.

Ask me all about it.




Afternoon Session Sports Day

We had fun too!

Thank you Mr Mc Cluskey

Ask me all about it




Look what arrived to nursery!

A big van came all the way from IKEA in Belfast with some beautiful new chairs.

Thank you IKEA we love our chairs.




Visiting Y1


Dear Parents,


As your child prepares to visit their new classroom and meet their teacher you may find the following photographs helpful.  Please discuss these in advance of their visit.


We can't wait to hear all about it when you return to nursery.



Arriving at 'big school'.


Meet your teachers


Mrs Burns


Mrs Gardner




Meet your Classroom Assistants


Mrs Mullan Classroom Assistant

Y1 Mrs Burns



Mrs Rooney Classroom Assistant

Y1 Mrs Gardner




Y1 Classroom



Y1 Cloakroom



Y1 Toilet Area







Look at our vegetables!

We have been growing lettuce, spring onions, cabbage and tomatoes.

We water them every day.

We hope to bring some home before our summer holidays.

Ask me all about it.



We have grown mint.

We have been using our sense of taste and smell.

First we smelled the mint and then we tasted it!

Some of us liked the taste but some of us did not.

Ask me all about it.




More Mini Beasts! 

We made mini beasts using clay.

We remembered what mini beasts we had found on our trip to the 'big school'.

First we had to make the mini beasts using clay, then we had to let them dry overnight and finally we decorated our mini beasts.

It was hard work!

Ask me all about it.




Sheep Update

We have been to visit the sheep.

The lambs are getting big but the ewes are getting bigger!!!

Mr Erskine discovered that the ewes were eating the lambs food!

Mr Erskine and Mr Rix have made a little area for the lambs to have their food.  It is just big enough for the lambs to fit into.

We will go back next week to see if the lambs have grown bigger. 

Ask me all about it.  




PSNI Road Safety Visit.


Look who popped into nursery!

Police Officer Barry and Police Officer Trevor came to speak to us about keeping safe.

We must ALWAYS wear our seat belt in the car to keep us safe.

They also reminded us to hold a grown up persons hand when we go out for a walk or go shopping.

Thank you Barry and Trevor.

Ask me all about it.





It's a bugs life!

We went on a mini beast hunt.

We found lots of different mini beasts.

Ask me all about it.





We had a fabulous ECO Green Day.

We talked about looking after our planet.

We recycle our plastic containers and our waste food.

Ask me all about it.

Thank you for your generous donations.  

Some of the money raised will go to 'Cash for Kids N.I'.




The Bug Hotel is open!

We have been so busy preparing for our new topic...'All Creatures Great and Small'.

The Bug Hotel has been moved and it now has lots of inviting areas for mini beasts to come and stay.

During May we will be looking for new visitors every day.

Ask me all about it.



We worked together to move the Bug Hotel.  It was hard work!

Ask me all about it.





We discovered that Y7 had bought some sheep at the mart this morning.


The morning session went to see if they had arrived before they went home and discovered that they hadn't. 


The sheep and lambs arrived at their new home beside nursery after lunch.


The afternoon session went to see how many sheep and lambs had arrived. 





We discovered that Y7 had bought 2 ewes and 4 lambs.   We counted 6 sheep altogether.


Mr Erskin and Mr Rix had to make a bottle of milk for one little lamb as it was very weak.


We will visit them every day and watch how they grow.

Ask me all about it.




Let's watch the flowers grow!


We have been looking at how much our flowers have grown since we planted them.

We have been using lots of mathematical language...big, bigger, biggest, small, smaller, smallest, tall and tallest.

We have also observed patterns on the petals of our flowers.

Ask me all about it.




Making Music Outdoors

We are learning the names of our instruments and learning to keep a steady beat.

We are having so much fun.

Ask me all about it





Bug Hotel

Closed until further notice!

We are moving.

Vacancies will be available shortly.




We've got the Friday Feeling!

We went for a picnic and then completed our Daily Mile.


We also played football and chased bubbles.  It was great FUN!


We enjoyed being outdoors so much.




Leaning outdoors


We have been so busy!


The morning session have planted lots of vegetables.


First we planted lettuce and spring onions. 


We have to keep them warm each night as the frost might harm them!

Ask me all about it.




Then we planted radish, beetroot and spinach.


We have been watering our vegetables.

They are beginning to sprout and now we have to look after them at home.





The afternoon session planted shrubs and tress to celebrate Earth Day.

They are small now but they will grow bigger.

As we grow during our time at the 'big' school we will watch how big our shrubs and trees grow.

Ask me all about it.




The Easter Bunny Came!!

He had obviously heard that we are...the best class in the whole wide world.

It's really true!


Happy Easter.

We had a surprise visitor on Friday...Simon The Swan!


Mrs Kerr organised his rescue and return to his family on Lough Erne.

Thank you Mrs Kerr. 

You were very brave!





We're back!!

Learning through play indoors and outdoors





We are enjoying playing and learning together again.

Ask me all about it.

Green Day At Nursery

Can you find green objects at home?




The nursery team would like to thank all our wonderful parents and children for their warm wishes and gifts - you are too kind!

We hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas and can't wait to see you in the New Year.

Boys and girls...we hope Santa comes and brings you everything you wish for.





It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas




Meet The Stars! 

 If my picture is not here I may have been a little shy. 




We had a party!

Ask me all about it.




Ball Skills

We are learning to balance, move forwards and backwards.

We can jump and we are learning to hop.

Ask me all about it 




Our topic is...Houses and Homes


We built a house of wood for the Three Little Pigs.

We huffed and puffed and we blew the house down!

Ask me all about it.





We built a house of bricks for the
Three Little Pigs.
We huffed and we puffed but we could not blow the house down.
Ask me all about it




Goldilocks went to the house of the bears.

She ate all of Baby Bear's porridge!

We made porridge today.

It was so yummy!

Ask me all about it.








We invited the Three Bears to come for snack because we ate all their porridge yesterday!

It was sooo yummy.





Ball Skills

We are learning to use our eyes to look and our ears to listen.

We can follow  Louise's instructions.

We always remember to keep our head up - ask me why.

We are learning to balance and it can be tricky!



Learning Through Play Outdoors

Ask me all about it




We went on a walk.

We discovered that the Autumn leaves were falling down.

Ask me the colours of the leaves we found.

We have been learning lots of songs about Autumn




The Daily Mile

Look at us run!

We are exercising and keeping healthy

Ask me all about it

Early days























Learning through play

indoors and outdoors








The morning session went on a 

Circle Hunt

We found lots of circles

Ask me all about it




The afternoon session went on a
Circle Hunt
We found lots of circles
Ask me all about it



The afternoon session have been very busy gardening

 Ask me all about it

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