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Yellow Day at Nursery.

All things bright and beautiful :-)

Don't we look cute!




Nursery celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Global Daily Mile.

Look at us run!




Nursery morning session enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt.

Ask me all about it.



Between you and me and the Easter Bunny we hope your day is bright and sunny.


Happy Easter




Easter Disney Event at South West College.

Nursery afternoon session met the Easter Bunny!


Thank you to the Leisure and Tourism students who provide a fun filled Easter afternoon treat for the children.

Ask me all about it.




Our topic throughout March and April is... Wake Up Spring!


Fermanagh Fun Farm brought some animals to nursery today.

We discussed which animals are born throughout Spring.

Thank you to Heather and all the team at Fermanagh Fun Farm.

Ask me all about it.




We're off to the Forest School again.

We are learning all about number...7.

We were looking for leaves, moss, twigs and sticks to make a display for our classroom.



We used what we found in the Forest School to create our Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs collage.




We have been visiting Erne Integrated College.

We use their sports hall for our Ball Skills.

We are learning how to control a ball by bouncing, catching and kicking it to a target.

Ask me all about it




We have been so busy learning outdoors in all weathers and having lots of fun.

Ask me all about it.



Integrated Education is 40 years old.


Nursery celebrated 40 years of Integrated Education by enjoying the delights of a Bake Off.

Thank you to all our wonderful parents who supplied such delicious treats.

You are all superstars!




Green Day at Nursery

Don't we look fabulous!




Forest School

We have been visiting our Forest School in all weathers!

We are having fun and learning outdoors.

Ask me all about it




Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

We had such fun!

The snow was cold but our hands felt hot!

The snow melted and it turned back into water.





Our topic throughout February is…


When I Grow Up I Would Like To Be...

We have discovered how people can help us and we have been thinking what we would like to be when we grow up.

Ask me all about it


Miss Polly Had A Dolly Who Was Sick, Sick, Sick...

Doctors and nurses help us when we are sick.

We have enjoyed role play in our hospital.

Some of us would like to be nurses and doctors when we grow up.

Ask me all about it.






Fire, Fire!

We found a fire!!

We called the Fire Fighters to come quickly!!

The Policemen had to come and close the road.

Fire Fighters and Policemen and Women help us in emergencies.

Some of us would like to help people in emergencies when we grow up.

Ask me all about it.





Red Day at Nursery.

Don't we look so cute!




Healthy Hearts

We have talked about eating healthy foods and the importance of keeping fit.

We enjoy our exercises at nursery.

Ask me all about it




Children's Mental Health Week.

We are enjoying our Mini Mindful Minds sessions and will continue them throughout February.

Ask me all about it.




Ditch The Dark Day!

We are beginning to learn about road safety.

It is important to be seen!

When we are out and about we must use our eyes and ears to listen for traffic.

We must always hold a grown ups hand to keep us safe.

Ask me all about it.




Our topic throughout January is...Things That Go.

We have been so busy!


We worked together to make a bus.

We got the idea from our Author Of The Month...Michael Rosen.

Ask me all about it




The Bus Is For Us! - by Michael Rosen and Gillian Tyler.

We hope you enjoy the story as much as we do.

We are off on our travels.

Ask me all about it.




We used our imaginations during outdoor play and went on our travels around the world.

Ask me all about it.




We rowed our boats to far away lands!

We sang...Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

Can you sing it?




We made cars.

We discussed what colour our cars were.

Ask me all about it.




We have enjoyed participating in

'Mini Mindful Minds' with RISE N.I.

We used our imaginations and went camping.  

It was fun!

Ask me all about it.




Thank You!

Mrs Cassidy and the nursery team thank you all for your very generous gifts and well wishes.

We hope you all have a lovely happy and safe Christmas.




Guess who popped into nursery this morning...SANTA!!!!

He knew that we were...The best class in the whole wide world!

He left a little present for us all.

Thank you Santa.




Christmas dinner.

We all enjoyed having our dinner together.

It was yummy.

Thank you Jenny and all your helpers.



Throughout December we are learning all about...Christmas and Polar Lands.




It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Coming Soon!


Meet The Stars of...

All About A Baby 2021








We all completed the N.I. Daily Mile Santa Run.

We are all superstars!




We have been so busy!

We are developing our fine motor skills through our Christmas art activities.

Ask me all about it.




Judy Buckley came back to visit us.

Thank you Judy.

Ask me all about it,




Home Sweet Home.

We have been busy using junk materials to make our homes.

Ask me all about it.




The Three Bears came to play at nursery.

We painted the bears.

Ask me what size they are.




We brought the bears to visit our new Forest School.

Ask me all about it.



The Three Bears joined us for snack.

We made porridge.

It was yummy!

Ask me all about it.





Brown Day at nursery.




We listened to a story about Three Little Pigs.

We built houses using bricks.

We worked together.


We huffed and we puffed but we could not blow the house down!




We built houses using wooden blocks.

We huffed and we puffed and we could not blow the house down!

Ask me all about it.








Nursery Rhymes Are Fun!

The Getting Ready To Learn team have provided some resources to celebrate the importance of nursery rhymes in early childhood.

Enjoy a little rhyme time with your child.








Henry Wee Wheels came to nursery!!!

He taught us to be kind to ourselves and each other.

We loved having Henry Wee Wheels visit us and can't wait for him to come back.

Ask me all about it.

Three Bears have moved into our Home Corner!

Someone has eaten some porridge!

Someone has broken a chair AND someone has fallen asleep in Baby Bear's bed!

Have you seen a girl called Goldilocks?




We are learning all about number...3.


We are learning a song about the Three Bears.

It's called 'The Three Bears Rap'.

We are learning to keep a steady beat.

Ask me all about it.




We had an amazing day!

Judy Buckley came to see us.

Ask me all about it




Throughout November we are learning all about...Homes.

'Home Sweet Home'.

We listened to the story of the Owl Babies.

We discovered that the Owl Babies live in a tree.

We made Owl Babies.

Ask me all about it.




Let's listen to the story together.




We are also learning the names of lots of different animals and discovering where they live.

We read lots of stories about hedgehogs and two of our favourites were...

Hodge the Hedgehog and The Happy Hedgehog Band.


We made our own hedgehogs

We were busy!

Ask me all about it!





Me Oh My...We have been so busy throughout October!


Our topic focused on...All About Me.


We created our faces.

Ask me all about it.



Look what we achieved!

We are all artists.

Where are you? 






We painted our feet!


Trick or Treat...Smell My Feet!





We painted our feet and it was very tickly!

We have two feet and ten toes.

Ask me all about it.





We went on a Circle Hunt.

We discovered that circles are everywhere!

Ask me all about it!

Can you find circles?





The Autumn leaves are falling down.

We went on a walk to find some leaves.

Ask me all about it




Incy Wincy Spider!


We made spiders. 

It was hard work!

We discovered that a spider has two eyes and eight legs!

Ask me all about it.


Early Days




We have been busy!

We have been completing the Daily Mile.

Ask me all about it.




The afternoon session have been enjoying the Daily Mile.

We are keeping fit and healthy.




We have also been introduced to Ball Skills.

Ask me all about it.


We have been having fun outdoors and developing our gross motor skills.
Ask me all about it.






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