Mrs Lynn, Mrs Elliott and Mrs Dennison miss you all very much!

We hope you are all staying safe and keeping your hands nice and clean!

We will see you all again soon xx

World Book Day!!

Femi's Jollof Rice Recipe! 

We put all of our "Road Safety" learning into practise today when we took a walk to the top of the hill! 

We had to negotiate lorries, diggers and lots and lots of busy traffic along our journey. 

We used our eyes and ears to stay safe!

We had fun listening to the traffic beeping their horns at us - we even managed to get a police car and ambulance to switch on their sirens so we could hear them!!

Relaxing and unwinding with Cosmic Kids yoga on a Friday afternoon...!

As part of our sound topic, we made megaphones today!!

We decorated them with pictures of our favourite sounds before rolling them up and trying them out! 

I hope you enjoy them at home as much as we did in school ;)

Mrs D helped the winners of our table points to decorate biscuits during golden time!!  They were inspired by characters from

"What the Ladybird Heard" 


Simon Harron from Asda joined us in P3!

He introduced us to lots of new fruits from all over the world and helped us turn them into smoothies!

Thank you Simon 

Wishing  all our Year 3s

and their families

a very Merry Christmas 

From Mrs Lynn,

Mrs Dennison and Mrs Elliott!!

We look forward to seeing you all in the new year! X

Crowns donned, ready for a Christmas feast!! 

Thank you Jenny and all the cooks! X

We have been inspired by artist Guiseppi Arcimboldo to create some "Fruity Faces" of our own!

We have started our new topic....


P3 harvested some cooking apples from our school orchard and we followed a recipe to make an apple cake.  We really enjoyed tasting our delicious treat!

We had a great morning in Florencecourt!

We engaged all of our senses to explore an autumnal nature trail!

We all had a great time at the Halloween disco! 

Don't we look great in our fancy dress!!

A Huge welcome back to everyone!

  We have been getting busy in P3 already, Take a look at some pictures of us learning through play during our first week....

We investigated our eye colour and displayed the results in a pictogram!

Double click the Accelerated Maths icon below to start your maths practice at home.

Start by clicking on I am a student. Enter your username and password.

Click on the green icon Accelerated Maths.

Beside group click on the drop down menu and select your group.

Click 'Start' under the Practice section.

Good luck and any problems please ask the class teacher.

We were playing this game today.      

Can your child find the missing numbers on the 100 square?

Introducing our new P3 Class


We are scientists!!

Today we investigated...

how to make a bulb light up!

We have been exploring our school grounds in the September sunshine! 

Click on the link below to practise your shapes

We have been exploring this website and have found it very useful. Please explore this website with your child you will have lots of fun.

Help find the numbers on a blank 100 square! See if you can beat the class record. Just click on the image below.

Help your child to order these numbers from smallest to largest and see what prize is inside the safe. Click on the link below.

Year 3 are using numberlines to add and subtract. Click on the link below for a fun game.

Money, money, money!

Help your child to identify the coins and pay for the items in the shop.

Click on the link below.