Happy Birthday Baby Emmie!

On Saturday 9th May 2020, Emmie will be one year old! 

A huge Happy 1st Birthday to Emmie from everyone in Year 5AB.


Hello Year 5AB,

It's Mrs Nolan here, hope you are all well and keeping safe. I miss seeing you during our Roots of Empathy lessons and of course, baby Emmie.  As you may know, we have had to stop our programme due to the Coronavirus so we can protect both baby Emmie and ourselves. 

I am sure you are all wondering how baby Emmie is and what she can do now!  Steph has kindly forwarded me some beautiful photographs of Emmie AND video clips of what she can do...wait till you see!!!

On behalf of the pupils in Year 5AB, Mrs Black, Mr McGirr and me, we want to say a big THANK YOU to both Steph and Emmie for participating in the programme this year and sharing all your precious moments and experiences with us.  Now let's see what Emmie can do...

I can crawl

I can make music

I can stand all by myself

I have six teeth now

I can play in my pool

I have great fun on my swing

I love going for walks

Look at me go...

My first steps

I've discovered I have a shadow!


She is just amazing!

A fabulously festive day at Florencecourt finding out how Victorians celebrated Christmas 

Digestion Experiment - 

ask me all about it! 

Halloween 2019 

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