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Sharing Kind Words

Receiving Compliments from our Peers..

One Kind Word

We are Bucket Fillers

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Look at our Kindness Kites

Anti-Bullying Week 2020


United Against Bullying


A small sample of our Anti-Bullying work.

Anti-Bullying Week Activities

Proud Recipients of The Carson Award for Creativity on Behalf of the Whole School Community

Preparing our Tree of Trust for Anti-Bullying Week.

Our Team received motivational praise from PathsED UK

Proud Recipients of The Diana Bronze Level Anti-Bullying Accreditation Award

Finale to our LipDub 'This is Me'

Find it on our Home Page and Facebook Page

Training Day

Anti-Bullying Week 2018-19

Meet our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors 2017 2018

Our Anti-Bullying Mascots.

We have asked our Facebook friends to help us name them.

Our Anti-Bullying Call

Recipients of our first Anti-Bullying 'KINDNESS' certificates - awarded for consistent kindness.

Years 4 and 5 attended the

 'INTO THE NET' play

which looked at online safety and online bullying.

Think Before You Speak??

Acts of Kindness

Year 7 Legacy - Sharing Playground Games

Anti-Bullying Week 2017 Activities

Part One

During Anti-Bullying Week Years 4-7 played Human Bingo, helping us to get to know pupils from other classes.

Anti- Bullying Week 2017 Activities Part 2

Anti- Bullying Week 2017 Activities Part 3

Today we visited all classes from Year 3 to Year 7 to remind them to say their Anti-Bullying oath every day!!

We gave everyone our Anti-Bullying Ambassador Business card with the message - BE AN UPSTANDER NOT A BYSTANDER. SAY NO TO BULLYING.

We performed two short sketches to show the difference between an UPSTANDER and a BYSTANDER.

Our Anti-Bullying Ambassador Business Cards

Meet our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors 2016 2017.

Our First Planning Meeting.

At Work in the School Yard.

 Be an Upstander not a Bystander. Say NO to Bullying.

Get Excited and Make Things Happen!!

Our First Assembly - Introducing Ourselves and Smile Mondays.

Anti-Bullying Workshop with Erne Integrated College Team.

Anti-Bullying Week.

Winning Posters.

Assembly Number 2 - Introducing our Anti-Bullying Oath and Anti-Bullying Song.


“We the pupils/staff of Enniskillen Integrated Primary School promise to be KIND to one another and make our school a BULLY FREE ZONE!!”



We don’t bully in our school

Being a bully isn’t cool

Our school is a bully free zone

We don’t use an angry tone.

We don’t hurt bodies

We don’t hurt hearts

We do good things

Let’s make a start.

In our school we feel valued and free

To be the best we can be

So hear our anti bullying call

And share the love to one and all.


Our New Anti-Bullying Ambassador Assistants.

Be an UPSTANDER not a BTSTANDER!! Say NO to Bullying!!!

Designing Our Business Cards with Clodagh.

Our Anti-Bullying Display Board.