Happy New Year!

We had the apparatus out in P.E. today.

We were climbing, sliding, swinging, balancing and lots more.

Ask me all about it.

Christmas time fun in P.1.CB.

Such excitement, just lovely.

Meeting Santa!

We are so lucky, Thank-you!

We are superstars.

We all worked so hard to learn our songs and our lines.

Really well done P.1. and P.2.

It was just beautiful!

We met Santa at the post office.

We were so excited going on the bus.

We gave Santa our letters and he gave us a treat.

Thank you to all at the Spar shop in Chanterhill.

Hallowe'en fun in P.1.CB.

Making buns, cutting pumpkins, dressing up...…

Ask me all about it.

Meet our class!

Look at us.

Here comes Autumn.

Can I sing it for you?

I am good at following class routines.

Relax kids was fun.

We were very good at listening to and following instructions.

Next week we will need a little blanket.

Learning through work and play.

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