Please send all lip dub clips to us via Facebook messenger - Stuart Erskine or Asling Hobbs as we are having some technical issues retrieving them from our emails.

If you are having problems finding us on Facebook please email to let us know.


As a little leaving memento, we would like to create a P7 Lip dub. To do this, we are going to use the song by S Club 7 - Reach (your parents will know this one) - the words seem quite appropriate in these uncertain times. I need you to film yourself singing the song (with lots of expression and actions). You won't actually be singing, you just pretend your singing. I want you to use this opportunity when you're at home to be creative and try and make your video stand out.
I would love to have some kind of contribution from EVERY child. To make this a little easier for you and so you don't have to sing the whole song, I have split the song lyrics up for different groups of children. You only have to send me the video for your bit. Click on the link below for an idea of what you could do.

I need all video clips emailed to me by Wednesday 17th June - 

P7 AH: When the world, leaves you feeling blue
You can count on me, I will be there for you
  When it seems, all your hopes and dreams
Are a million miles away, I will reassure you

EVERYONE: We've got to all stick together
Good friends are there for each other
TEACHERS: Never, ever forget that I got you
And you got me so

EVERYONE:Reach for the stars
Climb every mountain higher
  Reach for the stars
Follow your hearts desire
 Reach for the stars
And when that rainbow's shining over you
That's when your dreams will all come true

P7 SE: There's a place, waiting just for you
It's a special place, where your dreams all come true
Fly away, swim the ocean blue
Drive that open road, leave the past behind you

P7 AH GIRLS:  Don't stop, gotta keep moving
P7 AH BOYS   Your hopes, gotta keep building
P7SE GIRLS   Never, ever forget that I got you
P7SE BOYS  And you got me so

EVERYONE: Reach for the stars
Climb every mountain higher
Reach for the stars
Follow your hearts desire
Reach for the stars
And when that rainbow's shining over you
That's when your dreams will all come true

P7 AH: I said reach
Climb every mountain
Reach for the moon
P7 SE : Reach
Follow that rainbow
And your dreams will all come true

EVERYONE: Reach for the stars
Climb every mountain higher
Reach for the stars
Follow your hearts desire
Reach for the stars
And when that rainbows shining over you
That's when your dreams will all come true




Have a look at Julia's powerpoint she made about farming

and here's a link to look at her little baby chicks

 julia homework.pptxDownload
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Rebecca Breen and Jacob McHugh have both spent a lot of time creating a powerpoint linked to our farming topic. Please have a look at it!

 DAIRY FARMING by Rebecca Breen.pptxDownload
 Rare Breed , Beef Farming.pptxDownload
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Cool for School Photography

Cool for School Photography are offering a lovely end of year photograph montage using images taken earlier in the year.

They are offering these at a reduced price of £12. They will be presented as a 12x8 image, finished with a high quality white mount, ready for display. They are available to order from the Cool for School Website for delivery direct to parents.  

If you think it is something you would like please contact Cool For School Photography directly using:

Summer Term - Week 7 - 07/06/2020
Good morning guys. Over the next two weeks we are going to have a bit of a farming focus and thanks to LEAF education, they have created videos and powerpoints looking at all different types of farming. I would like you to try and look at one section each day. If you open the Primary.ppt you will be able to view a powerpoint on that type of farming which includes activities and videos for you to watch.

You will find the website by clicking the following link


Summer Term - Week 6 - 01/06/2020

Hello everyone! We hope you are enjoying the fantastic weather! It has been lovely speaking to some of you over the last few weeks. We are looking forward to chatting the rest of you over the next few weeks. We would love to see some more of your work. You can send documents, presentations, photos and even a video clip! Please email them to or  

Thank you everyone who has emailed their selfie to us - if you haven't sent one yet please send it by Friday 5th June.


Daily Work: New Wave daily maths and English, reading (you should be reading for at least half an hour every day!), TTRS and accelerated maths.

Downloadable answers for new wave books - parents you may find this site useful! Just check the cover of your child's book and select appropriate one to download.


This week we are going to focus on our farming topic and being a little creative. 


For those of you using powerpoint to create your project have a look at the link below to help you. Can you remember how to add animations, transitions and hyperlinks? There are loads of other tutorials on line so have a look - please contact us if you need more support with this. Make sure you save your work regularly and play around with the tools to see what you can create.

Basic Powerpoint tutorial

Choose a few of the activities below to have a go at this week. You don't have to do them all!! Choose things that interest you.

Ideas for DT projects you could try:

  • Design and make a seed dispenser that drops only one seed at a time.
  • Design and make a scarecrow that moves. (you could include a circuit with a buzzer, motor or bulbs lighting up.)
  • Design and make a potato grader.
  • Design and make a hen house with an egg-catching device and comfort for the chickens.
  • Design and make a humane slug trap.
  • Design and make a humane mousetrap.
  • Design and make a farm vehicle using an axle.


Eggs - we use them to bake cakes, for a quick breakfast or lunch. They are so versatile! Can you think of the different ways we use eggs?

What is the difference between free rage and battery hens? Investigate and present your finidings. You could make a poster/ powerpoint/ write a report .... the choice is yours.


Think about how farming has changed over the years. Compare and contrast life on a farm today  to 100 years ago. What have been the major changes? How have these changed made farming easier? Are there some things that have not changed? why?



Have a go at some of these egg experiments yourself - can you explain what happens and why?

Egg Experiments

Growing seeds

What do seeds/ plants need ot grow? Have you planted something during lockdown? Create an information sheet explaining to a younger child what they need to do to plant and grow some seeds. You could take photos of the process and show how quickly they grow! You could plant a few seeds and give one water and one no water, one light and one no light - make a prediction and record what happens.


Kitchen Scraps

Did you know you can grow vegetables/ herbs from kitchen scraps?! Check out this link How to grow vegetables from kitchen scraps Give it a go and let us know what happens! You could measure the growth and create a graph.


We are looking forward to seeing what you decided to work on! Please make sure you send us some of your work and if you need anything contact us on our email or 


Summer Term - Week 5 - 18/05/2020

Let's get going on week 5 of our Summer Home Learning! 

Continue to read, practise tables on TTRS and use accelerated maths this week.

You should all continue to work daily from your New Wave once a day activities.  

This week write about the the main character in the book you are reading. Write a paragraph on their appearance, a paragraph on their personality and a final paragraph about whether you like or dislike them and why. 

Weekly Numeracy Focus - Calculating Volume 

Use the link below to refresh your memory on how to calculate the volume. 

BBC Bitesize: How to calculate volume.

Now have a go at the activities below using the formula. 


You could try to calculate the approximate volume of your 3D model from last week!

Weekly Literacy Focus - possessive apostrophe 

Use the link below to recap on what a possessive apostrophe is and how to use one correctly.  


BBC Bitesize - Possessive Apostrophe


 Adults Guide to Apostrophes.pdfDownload
 Missing Apostrophe activity.pdfDownload
 Possessive apostrophe activity sheet.pdfDownload
 Possessive Plural Nouns.pdfDownload
 Showing Possession - singular.pdfDownload
 Singular or Plural - apostrophe.pdfDownload
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How are you getting on with your farming project? You should select some of the questions from your KWL to answer. Use books and online resources to help you. You may find the link and posters below useful.

Food and Farmland information

 Cereal and oil-seed crops poster.pdfDownload
 Horticulture poster.pdfDownload
 Livestock Farming poster.pdfDownload
 Pig and Poultry Farming poster.pdfDownload
 Sugar Beet and Potatoes poster.pdfDownload
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Summer Term - Week 4 - 11/05/2020

Let's get going on week 4 of our Summer Home Learning! 


Continue to read, complete spellings, practise tables on TTRS and use accelerated maths this week.

You should all continue to work daily from your New Wave once a day activities.  

Can you create a book review for your favourite book this week? 

Weekly Numeracy Focus - 3D Shapes Art Activity

This week I want you to scavenge around your house for some junk materials which you will use to create your own 3d tractor or something else Farm related . I want you think of all the different kinds of 3d shapes that you may have in your cupboards e.g. cereal boxes (cuboid), bean tins (cylinder) etc.
When you have created your robot I want you to create a:
-tally chart of all the shapes you used to create your masterpiece
-and an information table detailing how many faces, edges and vertices the shapes on your robot has e.g cuboid has 6 faces, 12 edges , 8 vertices. 

You can paint your robot (if your parents allow you) and we would like you to send a picture of your creation to either Mrs.Hobbs ( or Mr.Erskine ( (you'll find our email below) and we will put up a slideshow of everyone's robots next week.


Enter text...

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Weekly Literacy Focus - Suffixes and Prefixes 

Problem Solving 
Have a go at the problem solving task below

Summer Term - Week 3 - 04/05/2020

Let's get going on week 3 of our Summer Home Learning! 

Continue to read, complete spellings, practise tables on TTRS and use accelerated maths this week.

You should all continue to work daily from your New Wave once a day activities.  

Why not create your own quiz for a book you have read? 

Weekly Numeracy Focus - Probability 

Have a look at the link below to find out more about probability. 

BBC Bitesize Probability


Have a go at the investigations below. Make a prediction - what do you think will happen? Why? 

There are more probability activities in your NHM 6 book pages 122-123 

Weekly Literacy Focus 

Have a go at these 60 second reads......... 

 UFO Sighting.pdfDownload
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A reading comprehension for you to complete. There are three levels to choose from. 

 Balmoral Show.pdfDownload
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Topic - Farming 

Our topic this term is farming. Have a think and complete your KWL on farming

  1. What do you already know?
  2. What do you want to know?
  3. What have you learned? (remember to add to this as you work)

Have a look at the Powerpoint below. Think about one type of farming you would like to explore further -e.g. dairy, livestock, arable.  Begin to create a project. You can do this on paper or use PowerPoint. 

Remember to include a contents page, index and glossary. 

We would love to see some of your work - email it to:  

Summer Term - Week 2 - 27/04/2020

We hope you all had a lovely weekend! The weather has been amazing! We hope you are loving the sunshine!

CONGRATUALTIONS to 7AH who won the TTRS battle last week!

Keep your eye out for the next battle!

This week continue with your reading, spellings and TTRS daily. New objectives and tasks have been set on accelerated maths. 

We are going to give you the spellings for each week, just pick whichever spelling group applies to you. You just have to download the file below 

             Weekly Numeracy Focus - Reading and understanding graphs.

Have a look at the BBC Bitesize using the link below. 

Have a go at the activities below.





Please find your spellings in the attached files below. We will update these each week :) 

 haribos week 23.docxDownload
 Maltesers Week 23.docxDownload
 refreshers week 23.docxDownload
 smarties week 23.docxDownload
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Weekly Literacy Focus - Punctuation

Use the link below to revise how to use some punctuation marks. 


This week we would like you to go back to your narrative on 'The windmill Farmer' from last week.

Activity 1: Highlight all the punctuation marks used in your story.

Activity 2: Identify the different sentence structures you have used. Can you edit and improve any?

Activity 3: Add additional punctuation to improve your work. Read your work out loud - have the changes made a difference to how it sounds and flows?  

Activity 4: Take one paragraph and rewrite improving your sentence structure and developing the use of punctuation. Remember you can use Alan Peats sentence structures (see link below from  last week).




Create some illustrations for your story. Use the animation for inspiration. Be creative and think outside the box. You could use paint, colouring pencils or even some nature like the image below! We would love you to email some of your work so we can share it.


Previous Weekly Learning Tasks

Welcome back!

We hope you had a lovely Easter break and are ready to hit the books again! We both miss you all so much and can't wait to see you soon. We understand that learning at home is not the same as learning in school so all we ask is that you do your best. 

We are going to set some additional weekly learning activities here on our home learning page. Please remember to continue with the work we have already set in your folders. 


You should be reading for at least 30 minutes every day. Remember to write book reviews for all the books you read.



Continue your daily spelling activities. Ask someone at home to test you, keep a record of your score and practise the spellings you get wrong.



Continue to work on TTRS and prepare for THE BATTLE!!! 


Accelerated Maths

We can see lots of you are continuing to work through the set objectives on accelerated maths. Keep up all the hard work. We will continue to set objectives and exercises for you to work on.


New Wave Maths and English

Remember to complete these daily!


We know that you are all continuing to work hard. We hope you are also enjoying spending some time with your family, helping out at home and getting lots of exercise!



Summer Term - Week 1- 20/04/2020


This week recap on averages. Can you remember how to calculate the mean, mode, median and range? Remember you can use the Corbett maths clips to help you.

If you register with BBC bitesize their clips will also help you with averages. Use the link below to access the clips and games on mean, mode, median and range. Remember to register first. 



This week we want you to continue to develop your creative writing skills. 

Use the link below to watch a short video clip called 'The Windmill Farmer'.

Activity 1: Think about how the farmer is feeling and create a list of powerful and emotive adjectives to describe his emotions from begining to end. Look at his body language think about the seasons and how they make us feel.

Activity 2: Write a list of  powerful and emotive adjectives to describe the storm and it's impact.

Activity 3: Plan a short story based on the clip. Imagine you are the farmer. Plan for at least 4 paragraphs.

1: Planting the windmills and caring for them

2: Watching them grow 

3: The storm

4: After the storm. 

How will you move the story on? Use a thesaurus to develop your use adventurous vocabulary. Plan your use of punctuation and sentence structures for impact.

Activity 4: Write your short 1st person (you are the farmer) narrative (story) about the clip. Try to use your Alan Peats sentence structures, remember to read your work carefully and edit to make improvements. You could type your work and add images.

Converting document.

P7 Resources

Below are a selection of resources for P5 children. You can download and print the activities to use at home.

 Armagh Observatory Fact File.pdfDownload
 Armagh Observatory Through the Telescope Activity.pdfDownload
 Armagh Observatory Word Search.pdfDownload
 Armagh Planetarium PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 Artist Challenge Worksheet.pdfDownload
 Artists From Northern Ireland PowerPoint.pptDownload
 Belfast Blitz Bomb Drop Map.pdfDownload
 Belfast Blitz Kenning Poem Writing Worksheet.pdfDownload
 Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell Fact File.pdfDownload
 Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell PowerPoint.pptDownload
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