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..         Week beginning 15th June 2020

Hello P5 and we hope that you are all keeping well. This is our last week of Home Learning, so well done everyone and thank you for all the pieces of work you have been sending us. We have really enjoyed seeing the variety of work you have been doing during this time. Lots of you have sent us great work on the Egyptians and everyone seems to have found this topic really interesting. Normally in June we would move on to our next topic which is "The Sea". If you would like to do some research on any aspect of the sea or sea life, we would be delighted to see examples of your work. Previous P5 classes have enjoyed finding out about sharks and dolphins.




Zoom Meeting on Thursday 18th June at 11.am

Mrs McGirr and Mrs Sammon will be in touch with passwords for this meeting.




Looking forward to virtually chat each other for 30 mins or so.



            You can email us using the email addresses below:

                    ..                    .( Mrs McGirr )         ablack709@c2ken.net

..              ( Mrs Sammon )       msammon369@c2kni.net

                                                                                    ..Daily: Read for 20-30 minutes

                              Practise your 11 times tables

                          Aim to finish your Mental Maths Booklet by the end of June

                                                                      .                      Practise your spellings 



Spellings for this week              suppose                          through

                                                  surprise                           various

                                                  therefore                         weight

                                                  though                            woman

                                                  thought                           women       



Comprehension work is still available further down this page from Literacy Shed. There is also the short film called The Black Hat which you would enjoy with lots of good follow up activities.                              

Some enjoyable, fun Maths for you to work on this week!


Week beginning 8th June 2020

Hello everyone and hope you are keeping well. We have really enjoyed seeing some of the work you have been doing over the last weeks. It's great that you are working away at home and that you are also getting to enjoy learning some more practical skills around the house. If you have not sent us any work yet, there is still plenty of time to do this. Also, if you have not sent your baby wish for our two lovely babies to Mrs Gardner or Mrs Nolan, we would love you to do this as soon as possible!

                                  ..You can email us using the email addresses below:

                    ..                    .( Mrs McGirr )         ablack709@c2ken.net

..              ( Mrs Sammon )       msammon369@c2kni.net



                              Daily: Read for 20-30 minutes

..                                                                                           Practise your 10 times tables

                          Aim to finish your Mental Maths Booklet by the end of June

                                                                      .                      Practise your spellings 


Spellings for this week:      promise                        remember

                                           purpose                        sentence

                                           quarter                          separate

                                           question                        special

                                           recent                            straight

                                           regular                           strange

                                           reign                              strength




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   Some new Maths for you to work on 

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   P5 Resources

 Week beginning 1st June 2020

Important Notice about Roots of Empathy!

Hi everyone, it's Mrs Nolan and Mrs Gardner here.  We hope you are all keeping well and we miss seeing you during our Root of Empathy visits. 

Usually at the end of the year, we create a 'Wishing Tree' for our babies and we still want to do that, but with a difference.  Instead of physically giving them a Wishing Tree, we will create one 'virtually'.  All you have to do is think of one wish for your Roots of Empathy baby.  What do you wish for Baby Emmie or Baby Eimile when they are your age?  It can be anything, for example, to ride a bike, have lots of friends, be happy, be safe, enjoy reading, know times tables.

Email your wish to either Mrs Gardner or Mrs Nolan by Friday 5th June

Start with..."When Baby ______ is my age, I wish she can/is_________"

Year 5AB email Mrs Nolan - nnolan570@c2kni.net

Year 5MS email Mrs Gardner - lgardner622@c2kni.net

Thank you for your help and we look forward to hearing from you very soon.

From Mrs Gardner and Mrs Nolan 


Hello everyone and welcome to another week of home learning.  It was lovely to get talking to some of you last week. Hopefully we'll get talking to the rest of you this week. We're delighted that you are all doing well and working hard at home. Please, only do what you can manage.  Don't think you have to complete everything. We miss each and everyone of you and can't wait to see you again. We would really appreciate if every parent could email us once a week with at least one example of work from home.  Thank you to those parents who have already emailed us with your child's work.  It could be a photograph of work. It's important that we collect evidence for each individual child. 

You can email us using the email addresses below:

( Mrs McGirr )         ablack709@c2ken.net

 ( Mrs Sammon )       msammon369@c2kni.net


Daily: Read for 20-30 minutes
Practise your Spellings
Practise your 9 Times Tables 

(Learn 9X's tables using your hands. Click on the link below and watch)

Complete a page of Mental Arithmetic & Mastermaths
Continue researching the Egyptians


Spellings:           often             position

             opposite             possess

                ordinary             possession

            particular             possible

               peculiar             potatoes

               perhaps             pressure

               popular             probably


Please click on the link below for some Summer themed maths 


Please click on the link below for an Egyptian comprehension



Stay safe



Week beginning 18th May 2020

Thankyou everyone for your amazing work. We miss you all so much.
Here's another week of Home Learning.

If you would like to send a photo of your work you can contact either of us on:

msammon369@c2kni.net   or    ablack709@c2ken.net

Image result for Reading Quotes for Kids



Daily: Read for 20-30 minutes   

Practise your Spellings

Practise your 8 Times Tables

Complete a page of Mental Arithmetic & Mastermaths

Continue researching the Egyptians 



                 island                      mention

                 knowledge              minute

 learn                       natural

   length                     naughty

library                     notice

    material                   occasion

         medicine                 occasionally

Please click on the links below for some interactive maths




You can continue on with the next comprehension from Literacy Shed. This week the questions are on Gladiator.


We have also included a lovely short film called "The Black Hat". You will find it below the other Literacy Shed materials.

There are some really good worksheets for you to try after you have watched the film. Enjoy!



Week beginning 11th May 2020

Hello again everyone, hope you're keeping safe and well. We miss you all and are super proud of you for working

   so hard at home, it's not easy.

Here is another week of Home Learning.

Everyday we would like you to do the following:

Continue reading for 20-30 minutes

Practise your spellings:  

forwards                       fruit

   grammar                       group  

  guard                            guide  

heard                            heart

height                           history

imagine                        increase

important                     interest 


Practise your 7 times tables


Complete a page of your Mental Arithmetic & Mastermaths


Continue researching the Egyptians and feel free to send us photos of your work


 This lesson contains some activities to practise problem solving with multiplication and division.

     This lesson includes: one video and three interactive activities. Please click on the link below:



 Please click below for a short video on how to divide with remainders

Short division with remainders 

This week we are sending you some comprehension work from Literacy Shed. You can start with Enormous Eruptions and complete the answers in your English exercise book. Enjoy!



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Week beginning 4th May

We would be delighted if you would read everyday for 20-30 minutes,


Practise your weekly spellings until you know them,

Practise your times tables, ( 6X's)

Complete a page of your Mental Arithmetic and Mastermaths 

Continue to research the Egyptians BBC Bitesize Yr5/P.6

and send us any photos of your work.

We also want you to have lots of play!


Spellings: Continue on with learning the next 14 spellings which are these if you were going down the columns on the list. 


difficult exercise
disappear experience
early experiment


eight famous
eighth favourite




Go over your 6 times tables. 

Click on the link below for a fun game which will help you with your tables.


Addition and Subtraction Problem Solving





Possessive Nouns



Have a go at designing your very own ancient Egyptian death mask!





Starting today Tuesday 28th April BBC Bitesize has a lovely lesson on reading maps and understanding symbols.  This would be useful when we're researching the Egyptians.  Have a go at making your own map using your new learning.  Just use the link below.


Also starting today Tuesday 28th April is subtracting two 3 digit or 4 digit numbers from each other on BBC Bitesize Year4/P.5 lessons.  




Good Morning P5 and welcome to a new week of Home Learning!

For spelling this week you can continue on with the next 14 words and for tables you can concentrate on the 6 times tables.

If you go into BBC Bitesize Daily lessons Y5/P6 they have a whole set of great videos and activities on the Ancient Egyptians. Please keep any work you do and we will be delighted to see it when we are back at school. Alternatively you can take a photo of it and ask your parents to email it to me or Mrs McGirr.

Also on BBC bitesize this week they are doing lessons on prepositions on Y4/P5 page which would be really good revision. Your work can be completed in your English exercise book.

You can continue working from your Mastermaths and Mental Maths books this week-try to do some Maths every day if possible. For some extra activities BBC bitesize are doing lessons on addition of 3 and 4 digit numbers.

Also for Art this week you could do some research on the artist Matisse. Write down some interesting facts about him and try to copy one of his pieces.

Hope that this keeps everyone focussed on their work this week. We will be in touch very soon with some more ideas and in the meantime please email us with any pictures of work or queries you may have.

Mrs Sammon and Mrs McGirr.

A fraction sheet for you to try

Enter text...

Please find a KWL sheet for you to complete below. We do this at the beginning of each topic to find out what the children know and what they would like to find out. As we progress through the topic, pupils will write down things they’ve learned in the ‘L’ column. You can download this sheet or you can take a page in your topic book and divide it into 3. Have fun, 

Enter text...


A decimal worksheet for you to try. Enjoy!



Hello P5

Hope everyone is doing well. You probably still have lots of work to do from your packs that we sent home but just in case you would like some extra activities, we are going to start putting up some new ideas here for you.

BBC Bitesize have started doing daily lessons on their website. You can follow the link to Northern Ireland KS2 and they have super lessons for you to take part in every day.

On the 24th April they are a doing a lesson on the poem Please Mrs Butler by Allan Ahlberg which sounds really good. They did a lesson today on place value in Maths  which would be good revision for everyone.

We are all huge fans of the Learning NI Newsdesk in P5. You can go into this through your my school login page. If your password has expired or is not working you can get your parents to send me an email and I will reset it for you.

My email is msammon369@c2kni.net and I can do this for both classes.

This week at home we would like you to go back over your 3, 4 and 5 times tables so that you know them really well. We are also going to post a  spelling list for you to start working on. This week you can concentrate on the first 14 words.

Also over the next couple of weeks we would love you to design a simple card for our Roots of Empathy babies. Mrs McGirr's class for baby Emmie and Mrs Sammon's class for baby Emilie. On that card we would like you to write a wish for the baby's future- for example I would like Baby ____ to have lots of good friends. Enjoy doing this lovely activity and we will collect them in when you are all back at school.

Finally for now we hope that you are all getting the chance to enjoy reading lots of fabulous books. We will be in touch soon again. 

Hello everyone, its Mrs Gardner here. I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I know its been quite a while since we all have seen each other and I miss you all. I have been talking to Mrs McCluskey and she has sent me a beautiful video of baby Emilie. She has changed a lot since the last time we all were gathered around the green blanket. Have a look and see what she can do now.

Baby Emilie can now

  • Sit up
  • Laugh
  • Clap her hands
  • Hold things in 1 hand
  • Hold her bottle in her hands and drink
  • Move around on her belly, she is almost crawling
  • Use the pincer grip to hold small objects

She has grown and developed so much and can do all of these new things. It is so lovely to see her and thank you to Mrs McCluskey for sending us this.

We hope you and your beautiful family are keeping safe and we look forward to seeing you both soon.


Below are a selection of resources for P5 children. You can download and print the activities to use at home.

 Differentiated Addition and Subtraction Word Problem Worksheets.pdfDownload
 Earth Day Cloze Worksheet.pdfDownload
 Earth Day Mindfulness Colouring Pages.pdfDownload
 Harry Ferguson PowerPoint.pptDownload
 Harry Ferguson Word Search.pdfDownload
 Helicopter Coordinates in Four Quadrants Worksheet.pdfDownload
 In-Depth Book Review Writing Template.pdfDownload
 KS2 All about Garden Birds Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity.pdfDownload
 KS2 Emoji Design Worksheet.pdfDownload
 KS2 Yoga Poses PowerPoint.pptxDownload
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