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Week beginning 18th -22nd May 2020

Hello again boys and girls.  

Thank you to everyone who has been keeping in contact with me as I really love to see all your pictures and do please keep sending them. My email address is:


This week we will continue with our monthly focus on Mini Beasts and one of our activities will involve sequencing the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  I will also provide some challenges for you to help you discover some different types of Mini Beasts in your garden!

I am providing some information for Mummy and Daddy on why Outdoor Learning is so important but we have to be very careful as we are limited to our own gardens at present.

I will be providing you with lots of activities and hope you have great fun!



The importance of playing outdoors





So let's begin by getting outdoors

I am giving you a guide to finding lots of different types of Mini Beasts

See how many you can  find - can you count them?





Insect Song

Now you have found some Mini Beasts let's learn a new song all about insects



As the Garden Centres  are opening from Monday we may be able to buy some plants.  Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty if you are helping Mummy or Daddy to plant some bedding plants and flowers.

Here is a song  which will help you remember what plants need in order to survive and Mummy and Daddy can learn it too




The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I have provided a template which you can print.  

Please encourage your child to:

Cut out the pictures as independently as possible 

Use the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar as a guide to colouring the pictures the correct colour

Encourage your child to sequence the pictures in the correct order and focus on the following positional words...first, next, between, last




If you enjoy Yoga you may wish to share this next video with your child.

It is linked to our focus - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Encourage your child to follow the instructions and have fun!




Author Of The Month

Can you remember the name of our Author Of The Month?

It's Shirely Hughes!

Now lets listen to a story all about a little boy called Alfie




I hope you enjoyed that story and you can listen to lots more during the week.


Remember to have fun and stay safe.

Home Learning

Week beginning 11th -15th May 2020

Hello again boys and girls.

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather and playing out in your gardens or going on walks with Mummy and Daddy.  

Thank you to everyone who has been getting in contact with me as I love to see all your pictures and do keep sending them to:


Can you tell what colour my writing is this week?

It's purple and this month our special colour is... purple.

During the week I would like you to look for toys, flowers, or anything that is purple and send me some pictures.


This week we will continue our monthly focus on Mini Beasts and we will begin to look at patterns.  There are lots of patterns on Mini Beasts if you look closely!  There are also lots of patterns in nature, can you see any patterns on flowers and plants?


Let's have some fun with a Mini Beast song - enjoy!




Now lets have a look at some Mini Beasts. 

I will give you a clue - these Mini Beasts they have eight legs! and they can move really fast! 

Can you guess what they are?

Yes... Spiders!





Now you know a little more about spiders and there really is nothing to be frightened about.

Can you find any spiders in your house or your garden?

Don't forget to count how many legs they have.

Let's have some fun and sing one of our Nursery Rhymes all about a spider!

Can you remember who it is?



It's Incy Wincy!



Can you remember which Mini Beast story we listened to last week?

Yes... The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

This week I would like you to try to make your own Caterpillar and remember to make a pattern. 

You can colour or paint but remember to make a repeating pattern using two,three or even four colours.  Why don't you also use natural resources from your garden like leaves or pebbles to make a Caterpillar. 

I have provided a template for you to print but it's even better to draw your own.




Keep making patterns throughout the week




If you would like to bake during the week here is a super idea.

It looks very yummy!




Our Author Of The Month is... Shirley Hughes

I have included a video of Shirley explaining all about her 'Alfie' stories.





Now it's time to enjoy a story read by Shirley Hughes




Oh dear!!!  I hope you don't loose your special teddy


Take care, stay safe and have lots of fun this week




 Home Learning - 4th -8th May 2020


Home Learning - 4th -8th May 2020

Hello Nursery Children it's Mrs Cassidy saying hello to you all and letting you know that I miss seeing you every day.   I was speaking to Mrs Wills, Mrs Johnston, Mrs Madigan and Miss Brewster and they miss you too but we are looking forward to seeing you again when all the germs have gone!


I am posting some activities this week relating to our topic for May - Mini Beasts and Jungle Animals.

We will start by listening to a beautiful story about a Caterpillar.

Next we will sing along to a song about a Caterpillar on a Leaf - keep singing it during the week.

I am going to provide some information on buying your own caterpillar kit if you would like to become a scientist at home and watch how caterpillars grow.


I hope you get out into your gardens and begin to look for lots Mini Beasts and don’t forget to count them! Remember to get Mummy or Daddy to take some photographs if you find any and they can email them to me at:


Have fun!



I hope you enjoyed that story.

Now lets learn a new song about a Caterpillar.



Keep singing this fabulous song throughout the week


Perhaps you would like to become a scientist and buy your own Caterpillar Kit.

I have provided some information for Mummy and Daddy on where to buy the kits



Here are some more ideas you might like to try with Mummy and Daddy throughout the week.

Have fun!


Here is an activity sheet for some more ideas - please be aware that this is an American document and we have already celebrated Mother's Day in March - sorry Mummies!


Finally it's important to keep up you bedtime routine so here is a little colouring activity to do before bed.




Have fun and stay safe.




The Nursery Team would like to acknowledge our wonderful NHS workers and we would like to share this poem with you by Mrs Cassidy's favourite author in the whole wide world...Michael Rosen!



Enjoy some stories by some of our previous Authors Of The Month

Can you remember who wrote the story of The Gruffalo?

It's Julia Donaldson!






Can you remember the name of my favourite author?

Yes...It's Michael Rosen

Here's his new version of We're Going on a Bear Hunt





Libraries N.I. have a fabulous selection of stories on their YouTube channel every weekday at 11:30 am (each video available untio 12:00 noon)

Here is a story we have heard before, it's called...Whatever Next!


Can you remember the author who wrote Whatever Next?

It's Jull Murphy






Mr Hullabaloo is a qualified teacher from Northern Ireland and he has provided lots of fun learning for children at home.  




Daily Activities - March / April

Below are lots of activities for you to complete

Try to do one per day and keep reading your stories

Take care and stay safe